Fiber-optics have gotten vast use and application in the present world and this goes without saying that their demand has grown very big as well. The fiber optic cable is a fiber glass conduit which is no bigger than a hair strand. Fiber optics has versatile application since the cable can transmit any kind of signal. This comes from its construction denser than a vacuum hence offering great speeds in the transmission of signals better than any other conventional method.

Application of fiber optics is found in the telecommunication industry primarily as the backbone of networks, LAN and WAN and now even in transmission of voice, data and video. It offers exceptionally high speeds in connectivity and improved security in data transfer. The fiber optic cables are found in various designs and standards to specifically meet a specific application. Away from network, fiber optics is applied in aviation and aerospace engineering owing to its light weight nature. Cable television is now wholly dependent on fiber cable for video and for HD telecasts.

Other applications are fiber optic based telemetry, in the biomedical industry for transmission of digital diagnostic images, space, military, automotive and industrial sector and factory automation and premise wiring. The biggest advantage with the fiber optics is that they provide noise immunity and the absence of sparks. The cable is also resistant to temperature, shock and vibration giving very stable optical performance. Perhaps the biggest benefit is that of lowered cost.
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